Thursday, May 24, 2012

The 3 Muskateers

 These 3 Muskateers were fun to be with. 
I enjoyed capturing them without their knowledge:)
 Here they are enjoying Copacabana Beach. 

And ya'll see this young lady in front of the camera?  Can I just say...she is one of the coolest lady's alive.  And Im so glad she is still alive...cause I may have been way too close in witnessing her death one too many times.  The pictures above portray a beautiful bike trail that follows Copacabana beach and Epinema beach.  But don't be fooled.  To get here...we had to ride a bunch of cross roads that were filled with the craziest drivers that I have EVER seen.  As Im cruzin on the sidewalks, weaving in and out of traffic...Trudy explains to me that its best to just do what the locals do.  And she was meaning to ride side by side with the the road.  I ventured down to the road, listening to her because she has a way of convincing crowds even if its complete and utter NON-SENSE!  Because it was then...that I almost witness her death.  I was trailing her.  I heard a bus coming up on  me.  They dont slow down.  They dont give you even a foot of space.  They treat you as if you are another car...covered and protected by metal and glass.  It passed me and came upon Trudy.  Just as it approached her back wheel, I saw Trudy leaning INTO the balance...swirving.  Scaring the crap out of me, so much so that I gave a blood curtling scream that fell deaf to everyones ears because of the traffic that we were best to be following!  I kid you not...her facial hairs caught the static of the bus, thats how close she was to it.  I about died of fear.

This is the best part.  We get to the next cross-road, and I explain to Trudy in passion how terrifying that was for me.  She simply smiles and says, "Ya...that was a close one".  She is border-line crazy...AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

I truly must say, to you Trudy, you are my inspiration to staying fit, healthy, and strong.  I seriously dream about doing what you are able to do at the ripe age of 62.  You are unbelievable.  Im so glad you came.  I think every story I tell about Brazil involves you.  This is the first one.  The dog mutilation is the second.  You are a hoot, a brave little hoot.


Auntie Elaine said...

More pics and stories please - YOU are a GREAT story teller, keep it up!! I think Trudy got some of her fearless nature spending summers with Craig and his brothers, hunting, skinning things, riding horses bareback etc...etc.. :-)

Olmsteads said...

Farrah, my trip with you all was truly a big check off my "bucket list ." You made it so fun!!! It wasn't the same when you left us on our own in Argentina. It truly is heart warming to know you have my back. Shawn and Heather just left me in the dust!!

Laci said...

I think she gets better with age too.....really! She doesn't want to leave anything for the imagination anymore :) I'm grateful I got some of her bravery passed onto me, but only SOME of it! :) Can't wait to see more pics......we missed you!