Friday, February 03, 2012

well...i dove in head first. i decided to take the shears in my own hands and give mayci a. . .


Now...there is a good side and a bad side to this adventure.

Good side is: i did a pretty darn good job, and when its in those little piggy

so cute.

looks like this maybe 5% of the time:

awe. adorable. right?
yes. im right.

could you eat her? same.


you are more than welcome to first, tell me what a great job i did.

Second, keep scrolling...if your interested in the 'bad side'...and see what she sports around the other 95% of the time!

get ready to laugh:)

i did...and still do.

a lot.


Laci said...

I do want to eat her!!! She is so cute and we LOVED having her the other night!! She is the cutest! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...
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