Friday, February 03, 2012


(business in the front...)

(...partay in the back!)

These two little munchkins did this much of there time and it was hilarious. Mayci's bedroom door was shut, I peeked in, and this is what I found. In the dark. On the dora couch. Watching Barney. Quiet as can be. So awesome.

Here's the 4 of them. Quite the little squad.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Karalee's two boys while she went in for her weekly checkups with her OB....that means its oh so close!!! Cant wait to meet that little gal. The kids played fantastic! Honestly didnt hear a peep from them. Evan and Mayci were in HEAVEN! Raegan was lucky enough to get snagged by Aunt Laci:) These are a few pretty cute pictures of some time well spent with these little folks!


Olmsteads said...

Those kids must have a pretty darn good looking Grandma in common to come out as cute as they are!!!Oh yeh...those are my grandkids.

Crazy Lifferths said...

Love! Awesome photos and thank you for taking my boys!