Friday, December 10, 2010

Beautiful Disaster

its beautiful because:
well...look at them. are you kidding. to walk in and see this. i stand and stare for at least 5 minutes as my heart pounds, and without fail, i think, wow, i am so so lucky. and maybe i choke up, or maybe my eyes well with tears. quite frankly, there is nothing more beautiful. to be able to see your kids sleeping, safe, snug, sound, and together. mmmm. precious.
its a disaster because:
they are in MY bed. OOPS. so much for never letting my kids in MY bed...they have TAKEN OVER my bed. and a small admission...i might look at this scene...ponder...then take my pillow in their room and, well, go to bed:) i figure im sleeping, they're sleeping, dad is sleeping (cause he can, right there next to them), OH, and don't let me leave kaya out. NOW, she thinks my bed is cozy too.

ive learned through the years this phrase holds true in our household:


Laci said...

Oh Farrs that is hilarious that I made that comment about your family bed today cause I hadn't even seen this post!!! I could just tell by looking at your bed today that all the kids had been in there and didn't look like there would be much room for you!! You guys definitely are lovers of the fam bed. Well hey.....maybe the family that sleeps together stays together!! Loveyoutons!

Arden said...

Farrs. So hilarious and deja vu. I did good until Becca came along but thenI find out how terrified you and Rachel were I feel guilty I didn't let you guys in my bed. You remember Alix and Kobie? Now I am alone in my big bed but I am 58. I think I lost 20 yrs sleep. Find another bed that is comfortable. Love you, Hilarious