Friday, March 26, 2010

Gender Neutral

So, there was a show on Discovery the other night called 'Extreme Parenting'. It had extreme styles of in particular was labeled 'Un-schooling'. Anyone heard of that one. Well, I really try to be open-minded, but this one had me quite flabbergasted. Look it up if you are interested...basically I think its lazy parenting and neglectful.

Anyway, there was another called 'Gender-neutral' and by the looks of the picture above...looks like we might fall into that catagory! Ha ha ha. Makes a pretty handsome Tinkerbell:) That smile pretty much melts my soul!


Laci and the Girls said...

K Farrs, you are not helping my fears for my little boy. Seriously, my little man won't stand a chance.....but Evan sure is the cutest!! :) I am sure SLO is proud! Haha

Arden said...

Farrs, he is the cutest no matter what he wears. I miss you guys. Love, mom

Justin M. Bowen said...

This does my heart so good to see another little boy loving the princess world! I told Justin one time that he should be proud that Ali loves princesses the way he does. At least he knows a hot girl when he sees one. Then he told me that it was all good until he started wearing the princesses clothes. So, I am with you. Just let 'em be!!! (Justin is still not so sure)

Love ya Farrs!