Wednesday, March 24, 2010

better late then never...

so...since new years ive had this on my mind:


one particular goal.

i need to be a better my family,
to my already friends,
to my old friends,
and to my new friends.

so...there ya have it.


to elaborate a little...

in the past, before I decided to grow up, i was really flaky. so flaky that sometimes i wonder if it cost me a few really close friends...and it kind of makes me sick to think that i am the reason i may have lost out on friendships that i treasure. and...through the years ive realized that relationships are so important to make, have, and keep. also, i am really bad at keeping in touch. i know life grabs you by the ankles and sweeps you away from the real world sometimes but i need to make a better effort at keeping in touch with friends.

to make a long thought process short...i will try my best to do this. i will try to mend broken relationships...try to strengthen current relationships...and try to find lost relationships.

i love you friends:)


Becca said...

Farrah, you are the best friend i've ever had. Just remember Logan and how much you did for me up there. I'm gettin teary just thinking about it. Little did you know, you saved me! Literally. This is a good goal to have, I should consider it also :) I love you Farrs.

570 Lyn Avenue said...

What a great goal, some thing that I should do too. I am just as bad if not worse at keeping in touch we old friends.

You were all ways such a good friend and I have a hard time believing that you lack in this area even now.

I love reading your blog and see your beautiful kids.

I hope all is well for your family.

ryanandginger said...

I have cherished all the friendships made during my travels in life. But I, too, wonder which ones I missed out on as life passed by. I have really enjoyed reconnecting with people through FB. My friends have literally been my family for the past 15 years while I've been away from the West. I have to believe these friend relationships are important too. I know that certain people are placed in our lives for specific reasons. It's just a challenge to stop, recognize it, and do something about it.