Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wee One to Diversion...HELP!

Even though we don't have a camera, I have a few pics from some of our summer adventures. The whole Hofheins crew made it down to Powell this year (aside from Chad and his fam) and it was awesome! It was so fun to wake up to everyone, have everyone all day, talk late into the night with everyone, share late night cereal and snacks, then slumber until the next morn and have the fun begin all over again! It was so fun that I couldn't give it up when we got home, I ended up sleeping at my parents house for 3 more nights (unplanned) since Shawn was out of town. Fun times:)

The kids had a BLAST, truly! Raegan was so adventurous. She did everything...played in the sand, hunted and caught lizards, hiked, swam (sometimes all by herself), tubed, and loved the boat rides. She couldn't have asked for more...Brecklyn to love and hate ALL DAY, Alix and Kobie ALL DAY, and a week long sleep over! She was in Heaven. Evan had so much fun shadowing the big kids all day. He loved the sand, and I was so glad he did. Thats about the only time I was able to sit for a few minutes, otherwise, I was following him and on his tail. He gave me a bit of anxiety just cause even with his jacket on, he would have been a gonner if he fell in. He can't quite balance himself yet, so Shawn and I traded off the whole time...keeping an eye on him.

As far as the vacation being fun...FOR SURE! Relaxing?....well, that's another story. I just realized that vacation with kids is not a vacation for me anymore, it's all about them. It's a whole different kind of fun. Although I had some fun wake surfing and water skiing, I had a lot of fun watching my kids do what I absolutely loved when I was their size...Lake Powell was my most favorite vacation as a kid! It's so fun to pass on family traditions and hold them within your own family. Granted this is just the beginning, but Rae has already asked if we can go to Lake Powell again...the seed has been planted! Anyway, it was fun to watch them have fun and truly enjoy what I hold as my fondest memories ever.

Thank you so much to my mom and dad for all they did for us growing up and now. You two amaze me with all we have always been given, even when you had to scrimp and save for it...we still had it all! The more I do with my kids, the more I realize how much you two did and how hard you worked to make our lives as kids carefree and wonderful. Thank you for all you continue to do for all of us...each kid you have. You guys are amazing examples of unconditional love, unconditional support, and best of all, unconditional friendship. We all love you so much...from the Olmstead household!

Just an explanation of the Title...funny funny story! Jake, Shawn, and I got stuck on the houseboat with my kids and all the other kids aside from Jake's two youngest. Dad told us to gas up at the gas dock and then head on over to the pump out (like no big deal...just go ahead and get that done for us). Well, Jake's a little hesitant and anxious...considering his experience in doing such a task at Powell is ZERO! Everyone has a first time though, right?! Oh wow. So, here I am witnessing Jake's mood turn from bad to worse. He was not too happy about having to do this...he really liked directing his middle finger to the radio anytime he heard Rachel or dad's voice on there...and with that, he would mumble who knows what under his breath. I'm laughing right now. Poor guy. So, I'm trying to calm him down and start getting pumped up to do this. Anyway, let's make a long story short. We pulled into the gas dock with just a little bump...nothing those workers aren't used to. Success! So, we are getting cocky and decide we can do this. Lets get this thing into the pump dock and show everyone what's up. Well, without the wind that pretty much SLAMMED us into the slot...we would have been just fine...right Jake:) Shawn was the best. He jumped off the boat and onto the dock like he was going to catch the boat, but as he saw the boat coming at him mock 10, he wasn't quite sure what to yell...right! left! stop! backup!...none of us knew. Lo and behold, we slammed into the dock and Jake left quite his signature on the front of the boat (no serious damage, just a 90 degree dent:) If you are not laughing, you had to be there. It really was hilarious. Jake, still proud of ya buddy...left one back, right one GUN IT (direction from your captain...ME:)


Becca said...

that trip was the best yet for real. evans lil butt! so dang cute. wish i could have witnessed the poop dock accident :) i think i would have died laughing.


ha ha ha ha. farrah, you make me laugh pretty hard. That trip was the best. I want to do that more often. good times.

Jamie said...

I am definitely laughing right now! I remember watching helplessly from the little "dock n stock" store. I was like "shit, shit..." a whole bunch of times. My kids were looking a bit confused as they saw me cursing at something in the distance. Ahh the joys of boats.