Monday, April 27, 2009

'Little Bother'

So, the other day, as I was doing things around the house I was listening to the cute little show Rae loves...'Max and Ruby'. Ruby (big sis) was really annoyed with her little brother, Max. Throughout the whole show she would refer to her little brother as 'little bother', and she was trying to find things to do that her 'little bother' couldn't interfere with. I guess it hit pretty close to home and that may be why I was listening and laughing. A few days later, it hit really close to home. Rae hurt Evan, and I asked her what she did to him. She wouldn't tell me, so I promised her that she wouldn't have to sit on time out if she would tell me the truth. She ended up telling me, and I punished her by not allowing her to play with the toy they were fighting over (not time-out right). Well, she walked out the room quite distraught, and I found her laying on the couch so sad. I went and sat down by her and this is how the conversation went:

Mom: Rae, whats goin on?

Rae: I just hate it when you always get mad at me!

Mom: Well, Rae, it does make me mad AND sad when you hurt your little brother. He's your little brother and he loves you very much.

Rae: I just don't like my little brother. I only like girl babies.

Mom: Well, do you not like Lennon then (Lennon is Rachel's baby whom she is absolutely obsessed with)

Rae: Yea, cause he's a boy

Mom: Oh, well then, next baby I have I'll try to make it a girl...ok.

Rae: Well, then will you just give him (pointing to Evan) then.

Mom: (laughing now) NO...we can't give him away...he's our little brother!

Oh, wow. I was laughing so hard when she oh so cleverly thought of just giving little Ev away to make room for her true girls. What a little 4 year old mind gives...lots of laughs...thats for sure. And I have to say, she really wasn't remorseful at all about giving up her little brother. So, Laci, are you ready to take in number 5, cause your the one Raegan picks to overtake our little Ev:)

Anyways, hopefully this next little baby we are expecting...YES, ITS a little baby girl for Raegans sake:) And this is my official announcement. Im only going off a pregnancy test at this point, so I'm obviously not too far along, but the family knows, so I mine-as-well put it out there for everyone's sake. I'm not getting fat...or maybe I am...I already have a belly so I thought I would save you all the worst predicament ever...asking someone if they are pregnant. I AM! We are super excited and I will probably see the doc in the next few once I hear the heartbeat...Ill let ya'll know! Just thought of posting that funny story, and the announcement only compliments it:)


Jamie said...

Farrah, I can totally relate! That Max and Ruby show is so Brecklyn and Logan too. It always makes me laugh. That's a really funny story! Poor little Evvy! How could you ever get rid of that guy? Anyway, again, congrats on the new baby! I seriously can't wait! Get ready for Jamie the baby hog! Love you guys!

Arden said...

Farrah, I get Evan! Love, mom

Auntie Elaine said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats - don't forget if you need a babysitter that's a little closer than Alpine (sorry Arden) we are available!! love you guys!!

Laci and the Girls said...

I am dying Farrs and tell your mom the fight is on!!! haha I would take Ev in a heartbeat! Rae is just one smart cookie!! We are sooooooooo excited for you! I think the 2 year thing (if you can) is the best spacing....well I love it! Kiss both those little faces for me!!! xoxome

Crazy Lifferths said...

YEA! Congrats...Rae I hope it is a little sister, for her or his sake for that matter, and yours too! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE that story. I was rolling over laughing so hard at Mom's when I read it. I made Mom come right in so I could read it to her and Nic, and we were laughing so HARD! So stinkin cute. Miss you guys!

carli said...

Hey Congrats 3 is so fun!! That is so funny Rae wants to get rid of her brother. When we told Kynlee (she thought for sure it would be a girl) that we were having another boy she started crying and said "I already have one of those" but now she just loves him to death--maybe a little to seriously.

Nat said...

Farrah, congrats congrats!! That is so exciting. And your story had me laughing. I love the things kids will say sometimes. Totally logical to her to just give Evan away right! Hey, maybe we could get together Friday before lunch or something if the weather is good. Or if the weather is not good we could stay inside and let the kids play and visit. Let me know. I'll call you tomorrow if I don't forget or feel free to call me. :)

christina said...

congratulations!! i'm sure your third will be as adorable as the first two! rae is so funny :) i would have given my little brother away in a heartbeat too when we were kids though...fingers crossed for a girl haha