Friday, April 17, 2009


What a beautiful day Easter was! The day before was so nasty, so it was splendid to enjoy the sun on such a special day. We had a great day too. We went to church, that was after the kids saw what the Easter bunny left them in their baskets. It was so cute...Rae was so excited as she was sifting through her basket she looked up at me and said, 'mom, the Easter bunny is GOOD!' I laughed. I guess the bunny knew just what to get:) When we got home from church, we all took our Sunday naps...mmm...their are some joys in life that don't measure up to others and boy do I cherish those Sunday naps! Once we were up and alive, dad took the kids to the office to get something he needed while I stayed home and whipped up Shawn's FAVE lately...homemade chicken noodle soup. I had to stay and help the Easter bunny hide some eggs too. So...when the kids got home, Rae ran inside and asked if the bunny brought some eggs. We looked out the front window and spotted a few eggs. Another funny comment from Rae...'Geez, mom, the bunny is so sneaky.' So out they went and had fun finding the eggs. Evan was slower than Rae but it payed off, I think he got more than her:) Becca came down for dinner since my parents were gone on vacation to Hawaii and brought my bike with her. After dinner we went on a bike ride with the kids in the trailer behind me and Shawn on his long board. We rode to the park, came home, and went to bed! It was a great day with the family! Late that night, Shawn showed me the last talk Bruce R. McKonkie gave about the life of Christ. He mentioned numerous times that this was and has been his favorite talk. It was beautiful and really hits you square in the heart. It stirred my emotions and really gave me a fresh appreciation and love for our Savior and the true sacrifice He made on OUR behalf. Happy Easter!

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Farrs... your kids are the best thing ever. They tug at my heartstrings. ** I would like to see shawn too! IT has been forever. you guys should come up on SUnday. K bye!