Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh how peaceful

We had a very long and eventful weekend while Shawn was gone on one of his many road trips. Friday night we got to go see Heather and her team play Grayson and his team. It was great to see Grayson and Lenonnie again, and we, especially Raegan, couldn't wait to see auntie HO (Heather). Rae searched the whole game for HO and ran into her arms the second she caught sight of her...after the game of course. It was really cute. After the game we all caravaned to enjoy the all new Spoon Me ice cream. It was really good for any who haven't been! Then, we trudged on home and what a peaceful ride it was. Both the kids conked right out. On Saturday, we went to the BYU womens soccer game with the whole Hofheins crew and once again, another peaceful drive home. Sunday, we made it to Sacrament for the primary program and the whole hour I had a knot in my throat trying to hold back to rush of tears building up. I'm glad I was able to control myself, but I know it's not long until I see my own kids up there...then there will be no self control:) It was the best primary program I have ever seen. There is something really special about the singing voices of the primary kids. A little boy got up all by himself and sang 'I am a child of God' and I about died. It was amazing. I almost didn't go to the meeting only because when Shawn isn't around I think I can justify it all with the excuse that 'it's too hard, I don't hear anything anyway...' and so on, but I'm SO glad I went...inspirational! We rushed home after Sacrament to ready ourselves for little baby Lennon's blessing...just a small and special blessing here at the house. Brandon gave a beautiful blessing. Then after some good food and company, my beloved husband returned. It was a fun-filled and exhausting weekend. I posted some pics of the kids in their most peaceful state:)

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Crazy Lifferths said...

I am so glad that they fell asleep for you...I knew they would! Thanks for coming to Austin's party...that meant a lot to us to have you guys you!