Sunday, July 08, 2007

Farrah and the Window

On Friday while recruiting in Minnesota, Grayson got a call from his wife that I needed to come home ASAP. Farrah was in the ER for cutting herself while breaking the basement window. I was told by Grayson that Farrah locked the keys in the car and broke the window to get back inside. I was not told that Evan was locked in a running car with no AC. So of course, Heather as my witness, I get mad at Farrah asking her why she just didn't call a locksmith. She informs me that Evan was locked inside our car without AC. She proceeds to tell me that she went to both neighbors and neither were home. She checked all doors and was then getting very frantic and Evan is screaming as well as Raegan as she follows mom around. Farrah grabs a rock and throws it at the basement window. Nothing!!! So she finds a bigger rock and still nothing so she decides to hold the rock in her hand as she pretty much punches through the glass. This allowed Farrah entry into the house but it was not without some serious consequences. Then she climbs inside, although she is not sure how she did it, and tells a screaming Raegan to stay where she is and do not follow mom. Raegan was hysterical but she didn't move as Farrah went inside and got the keys, phone and towels to stop the bleeding. She received two nasty gashes on the inside of her arm. One right on the inside of her wrist and the other on her forearm. Doctors checked all her arteries and everything looks okay other than being sore. Luckily Grayson's wife was on her way to meet Farrah for dinner so Farrah called her and Lenoni sped to our house and rushed them to the ER. As she climbed or jumped through the window, her leg got scalped and you can still see the skin on the glass in the pictures. Crazy!!! The pictures don't do it justice and I have looked at the scene 10 different times and I cannot figure out how Farrah got through that window without more serious injuries. The window is like four feet off the ground and those boxes were just old boxes that we used for moving and maybe have a few holiday decorations in them. Everyone is ok, but Raegan has talked about mom and the rocks about 100 times today. ps. Sorry about the long posts and horrible sentence construction. Oh get the point!!!


Crazy Lifferths said...

I can't believe you Farrs! You are wonder woman. I am glad that you didn't get hurt worse, but sorry that you did sustain some injuries. We love you! P.S. You can totally see the skin on the window and I about gagged!

The Thomas Trio said...

Hey Farrs!
Our blog address is

so glad you are here to visit!


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Richard said...

Nice one guys, wish I could've helped. Glad everyone is ok. We love the blog.