Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, what a memorable Christmas and New Year! It was so fun to see family and friends both in Alpine and Carpinteria. We soaked up every minute we had together only because vacations like the one we just had don't happen often enough. We spent Christmas in Alpine with my family and didn't take one picture. We were too excited about Shawn's graduation gift, that all we did was film with his new video camera. OOPS! It was wonderful though. Raegan was soooo excited for each gift to rip open. Shawn and I were spoiled not by eachother but by our families! THANK YOU once again! We then made a trip to Carp for the rest of our vacation. I couldn't have asked for better weather. I was looking forward to some sun, and we got it. We were able to see Raf off to Brazil. We will miss him. He has been a wonderful friend and we hope he is happy to be home. We love you Raf! The most enjoyable moments we had were our early morning walks to the beach. Raegan was thrilled and so excited every morning to go on a walk to see the birds. Isn't it funny how much the little things mean once you have kids. Raegan has added so much to our lives, that without her, we probably wouldn't have gone to the beach each morning to feed the seagulls...atleast I know I wouldn't have. Its a wonderful thing to appreciate more of the small things in life. We owe that to Rae, and it was so fun to see her excitment! They would swarm around her as we threw crackers by her and she loved it. It was so cool. Sometimes, the seagulls would get daring enough to take the food right out of our hands before we could throw it. The beach was beautiful! On our walk back home, we would stop at a little cafe for a nice warm brew and once we were home, Trudy would whip up her homemade famous wheat waffles! It was amazing. The rest of our fun was filled with shopping, good food, tapioca, movies, crazy football games, and relaxing with wonderful company. Thanks everyone for making our Holidays a fabulous and unforgettable memory! We love you and miss you already!!!!!


themex said...

those pics are awesome!!! I miss you guys already! I'm glad I could provide great weather while you were here!!!

Trudy Olmstead said...

You forgot the most memorable night of the crazy brutal fights on TV.

shawnandfarrah said...

Mexi...We miss you already too! And about the fight night, I blew it. Maybe I will edit it and add it. It was exciting!