Saturday, January 04, 2014

Temple Square and Caving!

I absolutely hate the winter.  Hate is a strong word.  A very passionate word.  And Im going to use it.  I hate winter.  I grew up in winter, but its a whole new ball game growing kids up in the winter!  In an effort to keep my hatred from spreading to my kids...we keep on keepin' on and do what we can with it.  Mine as well try to enjoy some parts of what winter can offer...New Years resolution #1.  We have been skiing several times...amazing.  Santa brought new sleds this year...amazing (so amazing, in fact, and unfortunately no pics to tell the tale, I had to run home and grab the kids their helmets!)  The above picture is the trax.  Took a 'train' ride to the lights.

The train ride was the hit.

Kids are still confused about the purpose in seeing the lights.  One of those things where I CONVINCE them that its beautiful, awesome, so fun.

Wasn't working.  I tried the nativity at the lights.  Still, no such luck.  Evan says: "mom, those are statues...not even real!"  And more.  Like: "this is so boring mom...we came all the way here to see...lights?!"

As I mentioned...still confused : )

I love my family.

And of course we can always rely on Uncle Scott to show us new adventures of winter wonderland, because Uncle Scott oh so loves the snow!!  Thank you Scott for this amazing adventure.  The kids had so much fun exploring these caves.  Its an exploring dream come true.

There were parts of these caves that were so small Shawn almost lost his shirt trying to squeeze through.
Doesn't make me nervous at all.

Here are the adventurers.

As I mentioned before...gonna keep my eye out for some new adventures for us through the months of Oct-Apr.
Hope to add some to the list as we attack winter each year!
This one has been added.


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