Friday, May 17, 2013

is it worth it?

This is a picture I will cherish
As well as this one.

But this one...
it brings tears to my eyes.
This is my grandma.
Raegans great grandma.
And we are with her this day to learn piano.
we are with her this day for much more than just piano.
Because piano is only a short 15 minute lesson,
we are with her this day to soak her up as much as possible.
To give Raegan lasting memories of great grandma.
Who is truly great.
The life she has lived is evident in her sweet eyes and genuine smile,
in her worn hands and hunched posture,
but mostly in the simple yet powerful spirit she withholds and shares,
without judgement or prejudice.
She has lived a life of hard work
 and heart ache.
But what I value most
the most special gift of all...
her time. it worth it?
The 45 minute drive to provo?
Packing and unpacking the cargo?
When there are a-bajillion piano teachers within walking distance?


100% yes.


Aunty Elaine said...

Absolutely precious!

Jamie said...

That's so sweet!