Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bird's the WORD!

Another awesome trip to Snowbird.  The kiddy hill is perfect.  Just look at the three amigos.  Shawn almost looks  like he is trying it out for the first time too.  HA HA HA!  He definitely wasn't though...and I have to say...for being a coach of older and more capable humans...he was extremely patient.  

I was there.
And here is proof.

Isn't she amazing.  Did this most the time.  What a trooper:)

This was Evans second time on the skis and he did SO good.  Here he is giving mom a heart attack.  As soon as Shawn let go of the rope, every horrible scenario went through my head of him crashing, or loosing control and zipping off down a cliff or straight into a tree...but he proved my thoughts wrong and did it.  I looked at Rach and said I could cry.  Honestly after the first attempt at taking him I thought his poor little knee knockin' legs would never let him do the pizza pie.  HE DID IT...and I was so so so proud!!

This is completely Raegans element.  No stage.  No onlookers.  Just her. On the hill.  At her own pace.  Doing it...
all. by. herself.
She is completely in love.  And so am I when I watch her.  Pure happiness. 
Big girl on the lift...
all. by. herself.
Did I say...this is her in her element?!

Your a stud.
So are you dad.

Like father like son #1.

Like father like son #2.

Lovin life.  No worries in the world.  

Seriously...this little guy we like to call Lennon was the cutest little button out there on that big ol' hill.  We couldn't stop smiling.  He was in Heaven.

Isn't this lady a dream or what?!  Cutest pregnant dream too.  Here she is (you can't really tell by the pic) boosting Holden up a little off the ground with her knee...jammed into his rear.  He was just-a-danglin.  But happy with the view of the hill.  We laughed.

Here is that cute little button...just cruisin'.  He is so awesome.

This is Dad and Evan just starting out.  I pulled my camera out and heard Rachel busting up hard.  Then through much laughter she says...'Shawns more amazing than Evan!'  I died.  Look at that pizza pie!  He has it mastered.
Like father like son #3.
The things we do...
regardless of what we look like...
all in the name of fun...

This is before any runs were made.  I think Shawn was mentally preparing...

And last but not least...
Their first date.
Although its a love/hate relationship...

All in all, the night skiing in the middle of the week was amazing...for all parties.
I wish we could bag school, work, and all responsibilities in life...
and just play!!

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Rachel said...

Finally.... I saw this and lived every minute of it. Good times. Love u.