Monday, February 14, 2011

So, because I dont EVER put on a huge production for my kids for anything, really...why start now?! HA. Well, I thought I would maybe do something fun today, since it is Valentines Day, and my little Rae knows now what and when all these holidays are. And I wanted to take the opportunity today to really make SURE I tell them how much I love them:)

So, after a little treasure hunt using little heart shaped cases filled with candy and a drawing of where to look...they came to the end and found on their pillows a little heart shaped note with....dun da da duuuuun....a coloring book! A really cool one, I reassured them, because it has activities inside too, not just pictures to color...ha. So they shoved the notes aside, but I gathered them, and sat each one on my lap, and read them outloud to each of them.

I want to tell you how much I love you today. I want you to know you are so so special to me. I love all of you and more. I love your big girl personality, that you like to do everything And that you always give it your very best job. I love that you love your brother and sister, and still give them a chance to play with you even when its frustrating because they are so much 'smaller' than you. I love your sweet and soft spot. Your sensitive. And your caring. I love that you are friends with kids in your class that need friends. I love that your favorite thing in this whole wide world is your daddy. That you would give ANYTHING to just curl up with him and stay there for the rest of your life. I love that your spicy at home and sweet everywhere else. I love that you challenge mom and dad in every way to be better parents, and people. I love you when you laugh. When you cry. When you are clean. Or dirty. When you are awake and when you fall asleep. I love you in your struggles, and I love you in your triumphs. I love you when your 5. When you are 15. When you are 25. And forever and ever. I love you my precious little girl. Happy Valentines day.

I love you Evan. I love your sweet and tender heart and soul. I love your remarkable, incredible, entertaining immagination. I love your soft shy smile and your precious bright blue eyes. I love your voice and when you say, 'you are my best mommy' after I tell you that you are my best buddy. I love your guilty conscious and your unnessesary apologies. I love your ability to quickly forgive and forget. I love you....two infinite and BEYOND. Happy Valentines Day my best best buddy forever.

Where do I begin. I love you beyond words. I love that when you first arrived you scared me out of having more kids, then surprised me into wanting a thousand more! I love watching you, holding you, comforting you, getting you out of bed, listening to your own language, laughing at you, admiring you, and most of all...LOVING YOU....cause its SO SO easy. You are pure joy, and I love you a million. Happy Valentines Jo Jo.

Happy Valentines to all. I love you!Posted by Picasa


Arden said...

You're awesome and I love you to infinity and beyond too!

St. Julien's said...

So sweet Far. Your kids will be so glad to look back and know how loved they have always been.

Auntie Elaine said...

So VERY sweet mama - makes me miss you more than I already do!!!!!!! love ya!

Kuulei said...

what a lovely growing two are great parents....

Justin M. Bowen said...

Farrs, your amazing. thanks for keeping up with me through blogland! I still am dying to see that video of us and Chicago. I'll be up there in a few weeks and would love to see you. Tell your mom I love her comments too :) so, so much.