Sunday, October 18, 2009

More from the Cali Carni...

Nicole, thanks for sending me these pictures...I love them! BriOn, thanks for taking them and sharing them with us, you sure know how to capture the moment.

Here are a few pictures from the carnival we went to this summer in California. This first one here is one of my fav's. My precious little do I love her.

Dad and his only far:)

Me and the kids on the pink monster

I love this one. Captures the magic of flying through the wind with no wings!

Cousins...driving under the influence of...LAUGHTER!

Just beautiful...really!


Rachel said...

so cute farrah.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I need to go check my mail for my pics! I absolutely LOVE the pic of Austin and Ev!! That was the highlight of the carnival...watching them laugh SO hard on those cars, the ENTIRE time! Miss you guys so much! The boys and I will be in UT Nov.7-27th...staying in Springville, so we will be hanging with you lots :)

Buckland Family said...

My phone froze up and I don't have your phone number anymore. I know it is totally late notice but we are having a bridal shower for Jayne tomorrow at my house and we would all love to see you! If you get this before then call me or email me your phone number, so I can give you details.