Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rae's big day...

Can you get any cuter? The big ol' smile says it all about her first day of preschool!

Here she is being excused from her very first, and very exciting day of preschool.

Well, I can honestly say that I wasn't sure how I was going to react on this big day. I think I felt just as nervous AND excited as she did. When I dropped her off and walked away after a big hug and kiss, I saw her with her little fingers in her upturned mouth....a sure sign of excited nervousness. I drove away....and i felt weird. Just weird cause I actually have a kid that is preschool age...FOR REAL! Emotional in the sense that she REALLY IS GROWING UP. Then when I got home with Evan, I was walking in circles. I think I was nervous. I called my mom for fear I was going crazy which was a good decision. She was excited to hear that Rae did so well with good bye's and almost more excited for me. I have to say when I got off the phone with her, I was pleased with this new 'quiet' time...even though I still have's 'quiet'.

I was really excited to pick her up, and a little nervous then too. Only cause I hoped she enjoyed the whole school thing. If any of you know Raegan, she has has really really really bad seperation anxiety...even up until just I wasn't sure how she was going to be an hour into 'school'. SHE DID GREAT! And as you can see from her face, she thoroughly enjoyed this new experience. I was giddy when I walked in and saw her turn around with that big smile on her beautiful little face.


Jamie said...

It's so exciting to have kids in school! She's getting so big. I can honestly say that the more "stuff" your kids do, the better off they are. They adjust so much better to any situation. I'm so proud of Rae. Give her a big hug and kiss from me :)

Rachel said...


I am dying at that picture. Really... laughing as I type. She is the best of the best. Oh man I can't wait to squeeze her tomorrow.

Oh and I love your story above. That kills me! she is a treat.