Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eye candy

I have been trying to get a photo book done on the web and in the process, I took pictures of all of Raegan's artwork. I have to say the when she went from scribbling to creating a real picture I about died...and it really seemed like it was overnight. I had them hanging up everywhere, but when she started to destroy them by trying to rip them down, I had to store them away:( And for some reason, I cannot get rid of any of it. So there was a show on Oprah about de-cluttering, and making an album of artwork is essential in the process. She offered a free book for 48 hours and I took advantage of it. Anyway, these are the pictures and they are adorable. I'm excited to have them safely stored away in a hard-back book now!

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Jamie said...

That's so funny, because I'm working on that exact thing right this minute! Brecklyn's art is what i call "abstract". Love it!