Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What a long time its been! I have been meaning to post about this miraculous day for a while now. First...what a cute name...Lennon! I love it and love him. He is beautiful...truly. He was the second he came out. I have to thank Rach and B for letting me be a part of this beautiful experience. I have been there twice myself with my own 2 kids...but to see it from a whole new perspective, it was amazing. To see my little sister have her first baby, and if I ever would have imagined I would witness B become a dad back in the good ol' high school days, well, words can't express! I don't mean to get all mushy, but you can't leave out the fact that God was in that room handing us the most precious gift this world can offer, and He was felt. Some of the pictures posted are of Rachel and B when they first set eyes on their newborn, and the pictures speak for themselves. The emotions, just typing about it now makes me cry, were so intense and special. The instant love was incredibly alive in both their eyes. I couldn't keep my own cheeks dry! Every time I look at Lennon, it feels like someone is sucking the air out of my chest. He is precious. The feeling that a new life brings is wonderful, and I'm really really really fighting a battle within...how bad do I want one! Soon enough, but anyway, it was really something and I will cherish that experience forever. Thanks again Rach for letting me in on your miracle, it was so...speechless.


Laci and the Girls said...

Crying.....what a sweet little write up Farrs. It really is the best thing in the world. So glad you were able to be a part. I thought it was only "A Baby Story" that got me, but you've done it too......oh, if only I could have 15!!Haha



Can't not cry. You have been everything and more. You have been so great through all of this. God meant for us to be sisters. It is so obvious to me. I would die without you and I am so lucky to have had you there. YOu have been there for me through two of the most important days of my life and I will forever be indebted to you for that. I love you fars. I hope that someday I can be as good of mother to my little Lennon as you are to your two. Love you and thanks for that cute write up. Your amazing.

Jamie said...

geez farrs! here I am all choked up! I so agree with the comment when you look at Lennon it's like the breath is being pulled out of your chest! He really is such a precious boy! You're such a great sister to Rach and a great sis-in-law to me :)