Monday, June 09, 2008

Family Reunion

Last week all of Shawn's mom's side got together for a day of fun and games. We spent a few hours up Provo Canyon enjoying BBQ hotdogs, baked beans, cookies (0f course I list the food first), as well as some kick-ball, your annual 3-legged race, and more 'family reunion' games. It was great. If was fun to be outside and hang out with all the Olmsteads. What a family! I love them like my own. Every now and then I feel right at home with the craziness and hilarious talk (Rick...we know you love it:). Anyone that knows my family knows that you can't beat the crazy dinner talk at my house...but I have to say the Olmsteads make me feel right at home! I love you guys and it was so much fun to see all of you! Can't wait for HAWAII!
Rick...gotta say your the best-lookin' over 60 yr old out there:) Love ya bud!

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Crazy Lifferths said...

Seriously so much fun and I am so anxious to get to Hawaii! I can't believe how similarly inappropriate our families is GREAT! HAHA! Love you guys so much and can't wait for ten days of goodness!!