Thursday, January 24, 2008


K…so its been a while and all I can say is life has been busy…being sick, playing catch-up with work (seems every minute I get Im on the computer trying to get work, and just the normal everyday run around…pathetic I know. Anyhow…here goes some more catch up (though it may take a while, keep tuning in)! Christmas…what more can you ask for than the beautiful weather we got in Carp...although I don't think we got to enjoy it as much as I wished. We all got pretty sick with pink eye and a nasty cold, so none of us really felt up to doing much more than what we did....movies, lots of eating in and out...and in-n-out, bike-rides and the beach with aunties Heder and Cole, walks on the beach, a little shopping with some nice discounts from our friend Carlina (a few FREE discounts thanks to grandma:), a kid-free day of horseback riding...beautiful!, lots of play with lots of cousins, and much much more. No order of any sort with the pictures…but here is Christmas 2007 in Carpinteria! P.S. THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDPA FOR SHARING YOU'RE HOME WITH ALL OF US AND BEING SUCH GREAT COMPANY...ALWAYS!!!!!!


annie and jared said...

hi farrah!! i haven't seen you forever. i love the randomness of blogs, i found yours from maggies. i just wanted to say your kids are adorable and i think evan is a little miniature brian! your hair is very cute by the way.
annie (cosper) bingham

Crazy Lifferths said...

Seriously, that was so much fun! Love you guys!! Tell Farrs that my phone died ( I am staying at my in-laws and forgot my charger) and don't have her number but the hair stuff is called American Crew Citrus Mint Paste. I called my phone and got her message!

Justin Bowen said...

Farrs, so cute! Thanks for your letter...its not very often I actually get notes in the mail!!! It was a great day! I know that life gets crazy with all these kids and it is so fine that you couldn't make it. I love your guts and call me when you come down my way.