Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a busy but FUN day!

This past Saturday Shawn left Logan at about 6:30am for his tournament at UVSC and soon after he left, I got Rae up, got ready, and headed out the door at about 8:00am. We drove down to UVSC to see Shawn's games and also got to see Heather and Brooke. Raegan couldn't stop kissing 'Brookie and Header' and every time she would spot Heather on the court she would say 'Header right der.' She thoroughly enjoyed her aunties that she doesn't see very often. We picked up Becca on our way down to Utah Valley and she got to hang out with us all day. After the matches, Brooke, Heather, Shawn, Raegan, and I went out to lunch at the infamous pizza cuisine...CPK! Yum! We departed from Heather and Brooke and made a visit to Aunt Elaine and Uncle Craig. We thought about putting Rae down for a short nap there, but decided against it figuring that a short 45 minute nap may make her more grumpy than no nap at all, so we enjoyed the beautiful weather and the wonderful company of Craig and Elaine. At 3:00pm, we headed over to the BYU soccer alumni game and I got to see a bunch of my old teammates which was so much fun. I obviously couldn't play in the game, but I got to hang out on the sidelines catching up on the lives of my old friends. There was a dinner following the match and at this point, everyone knew Raegan had no nap. She started getting pretty mean, so we quickly ate, said our good-bye's and headed back to Logan at about 7pm. I thought Rae would totally conk out on our way home and she did the second we got into the car until we dropped Becca off. She woke up and stayed awake for the remainder of the ride...and Im sure you all know how pleasant that ride was. Anyhow, it was a fun-filled day and Im so happy we got to see so much family. Love and miss you all!


Crazy Lifferths said...

So sad that Austin and I missed that fun day! Rae is so freakin cute and that pic of her and Shawn is priceless. Will that little guy hurry and come out so that Austin will have a new boy around the family?!

Emma said...

Farrah, I just discovered your blog from Richard's blog. Okay, your little girl is so cute and she looks soo much like you. What a cutie! We are moving from Irvine to Salt Lake in June and can't wait to be by family again. It's fun to see the pics. Check out our blog: www.metaylorfamily.blogspot.com